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Installing the pixel

Installing the pixel

Create a campaign

Before the Soproof notifications can be shown, you must add the pixel on your website. This pixel will not only display the notifications, but also statistics such as clicks and mouse hovers will be available in the Soproof dashboard.

To add the pixel, first create a campaign in the dashboard. Click on ‘Create Campaign‘. Fill in the name, domain and optional subdomain and click ‘Create’.

Please note: Campaigns are bound to (sub)domains. You will have to create multiple campaigns if you want to use more than one domain with Soproof.

Copy the pixel

After creating the campaign, you will be presented with a screen showing your unique pixel. Copy this pixel.

The CMS / Plugin method

Next, you need to place the pixel in the <head> of your website. There are several ways to do this and it depends on which CMS you are using. In many cases, it is possible to paste this into the <head> within the CMS. This is usually in the theme settings.

For WordPress there is a plugin called ‘Insert headers and footers’. You can view it here on

The Google Tag Manager method

Google Tag Manager is by far the best way to centrally manage all your tags. It allows you to manage not only Soproof pixels but also, for example, Facbook pixels, Google Analytics.

New to Google Tag Manager? Open an account here:

We assume you now have the Google Tag Manager container tag running on your website. To add Soproof to the Tag Manager configuration add a tag of type ‘html’. In this HTML tag you will paste the Soproof pixel code. We use the ‘all pages’ trigger to activate the tag on every page. This trigger is built into Google Tag Manager by default.

Once you are done with these settings then you can submit the changes in Google Tag Manager.

Let's test if it works!

Now comes the fun part! Before you check it out, make sure the campaigns and notification(s) are active. You can do this in the dashboard with the purple switches.

When you have done this you can check if the notification is visible on your website. After this you grab a cup of coffee to celebrate this victory!


Still no success?

Really can’t figure it out? Then ask your web builder or marketing agency to place the pixel in the site. Contact us if you need help installing the pixel.

Contact and support

Do you have questions about Soproof or cannot figure something out? Fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible!