Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions. Can’t find your answer? Contact us!

Yes, you can create an account and you will automatically get the ‘Forever Free’ account. With this account you can display 3000 Social Proof notifications per month forever! Click here te register for the Forever Free plan.

Campaigns allow you to show notifications on different websites. Each campaign has its own unique pixel which is loaded onto the website. Campaigns are especially useful for companies with many different websites or marketing agencies.

Do you have many websites? Check out the different plans to see which one suits your business best.

The Soproof pixel is a uniquely generated code that you place on your website. This code makes it possible to show the social proof notifications on your website. Furthermore, this pixel makes sure that statistics such as clicks and mouse hovers can be tracked in Soproof.

Of course! Contact us and we will arrange for the pixel to be placed on your website. In order to do this we will need the credentials of your website or access to your Google Tag Manager account.

The Soproof pixel is loaded Asynchronously. This means that the pixel is loaded simultaneously with other scripts. This ensures that there is virtually no delay in loading times.

There may be several reasons for this. The pixel may not be loaded on your website or may be loaded incorrectly. It could also be that the notification or the campaign in which the notification was created has not been activated yet.

Can’t figure it out? Please contact us!

Conversion data from websites and web shops can be sent to Soproof so that you can use it in your notifications. This allows you to create notifications like “John from London bought a green hoodie”.

Webhooks are used for this. With webhooks data can be sent from one system to another. Almost every modern CMS can send webhooks. Some examples are: Woocommerce, Shoppify and Squarespace. 

Click here to read more about Webhook integration.

Definitely! We can set up conversion data measurement for you. It is important that your CMS supports webhooks. Is that the case? Then please contact us. Of course we will need access to your website or Google Tag Manager account.

No problem, your website will of course continue to run. The only thing is that no notifications will be shown anymore. In that case you will have to upgrade your subscription. Click here to view the different plans.

That is entirely up to you. It is recommended that you indicate that Soproof collects data from your visitors. You can include this in the private policy of your website.

Want to remove the Soproof branding or put your own branding in the notifications? This is possible starting with the Pro plan. View all plans here.

You can cancel at any time. Your Soproof subscription will then continue until the end of the month. After that, no debits will be made.

Do you have an annual plan that you want to cancel? Contact us and we will credit the remaining months.